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Professional photography and video for personal injury & medico-legal cases across the UK


Simon Brown has trained a range of health professionals over the past twenty years:

  • Medical photographers, from basic techniques to advanced levels
  • Non-photographic staff who occasionally need to take clinical photographs
  • Orthodontists, dentists, dental nurses and assistants
  • General Practitioners
  • General Practice nurses and assistants
  • Aesthetists and those who deal with non-surgical beauty therapies

Other than the professional medical photographers, the main emphasis on training is for those non-photographic healthcare professionals who need to produce accurate, repeatable medical photographs. These professionals may be involved in clinical trials, in tele-dermatology or other tele-medicine work and are often given basic cameras to use, such as consumer-level compact models. Cameras such as these are not designed to take medical photographs but they are capable of a reasonable result provided that (a) the camera is set up correctly and (b) the user is trained in how to achieve those settings and then how to use the camera properly. Simon has now trained upward of 500 such users. Feedback has been excellent.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive re: training and the nurses really liked your approach… [Vantage Diagnostics]

[We were] very happy with the session and the round of applause and emails I have seen since show that the clients were very happy… [Telehealth Diagnostics]

So if you need accessible, friendly and rock-solid training for staff who need to take occasional (or frequent!) medical photographs, if you have HCAs in your business or NHS Trust who need to out-of-hours photographs in operating rooms, PM suites, A&E departments and similar, please get in touch.