Simon Brown started using the ‘Sharpen Your Image’ heading in the 1990s for his Presentation Skills training. Later, he kept the same phrase in use as it sums up the whole of his photography and presentation: clean, clear and clinical.

Now that he is providing photography of personal injury, medical negligence and accident claims cases, medical photographers in dozens of locations across the UK have become part of the ‘Sharpen Your Image’ network. Simon undertakes a high percentage of the referrals from solicitors and law firms or partnerships but uses his network of expert medical photographers for cases in locations which are too far to travel economically.

Objective photography and video recording is vitally important for medico-legal, personal injury and accident claims cases; it plays a very important role in the documentation of clinical conditions and the progress of treatment. Accurate and clear photographs of scars, lesions, environments and other relevant information can clarify the details of a case or claim, saving time and reducing costs.

Video recordings are highly effective in demonstrating functional disabilities that result from an injury or accident. This may involve difficulties in the victim moving around their home, climbing stairs or walking; there may be speech defects, difficulty in lifting or moving objects or an inability to carry out their routine work or employment. We are experienced in all aspects of medical and medico-legal work and can offer the highest-quality recording and imaging to support clinical and legal documentation.