Many people have old 35 mm slide collections, probably not viewable now as most projectors have fallen by the wayside. Fortunately it is possible to convert these transparencies (or even larger ones) into digital files and Sharpen Your Image can digitise these 35 mm slides as an inexpensive and extremely high quality service. We use a ChromaPro, which used to be a slide duplicator and we copy the 35 mm transparencies individually onto a high-end Canon digital camera in raw format and then convert them into a file format suitable for your intended use.

If you wish to edit the resultant files yourself, using Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Affinity Photo or any other image editing program, then we can supply the files in TIF format. This is an uncompressed format, but the files will be very large (at around 72 MB each) so you will need a very capable computer to edit them. We can down-size the file resolution if required and would be happy to discuss appropriate image dimensions with you.

If you want to keep the images on your PC to view or share them, then JPEG is a suitable format. This is a compressed file format but we keep the compression to a minimum so that any loss of quality is completely unnoticeable. This format is also perfect for dropping images into Powerpoint. Again, let us know the end use of your images and we will provide the files in the most appropriate format and can supply both TIF and JPEG if required.


There is a minimum charge of £25 and this also covers the first twenty 35 mm slides. After that, slides are charged at 80p each, with no minimum or maximum number. The cost reduces to 70p per slide above 100 in number. VAT is not charged.

Cost Calculator: three examples…
You have 20 slides to digitise
Minimum charge/set-up fee covers up to 20 slides, so the total cost is: £25.00.

You have 50 slides to digitise
Minimum charge/set-up fee covers up to 20 slides: £25.00
then 30 slides at 80p each: £24.00
Total cost: £49.00

You have 140 slides to digitise
Minimum charge/set-up fee covers up to 20 slides: £25.00
then 80 slides at 80p each: £64.00
then 40 slides at 70p each: £28.00
Total cost: £117.00



We do not edit or retouch any image. However, some colour correction can be done as many older slide films will have acquired colour casts with age and this can be reduced and a more neutral colour achieved. We cannot guarantee to eliminate a colour cast completely but these examples will give you an idea of how effectively a colour cast can be reduced. In each case the original slide is on the left and the (partially) corrected image is on the right. Click to view the larger images.

Please read the following carefully

Various manufacturers produced a huge range of 35 mm slide film over the course of the 20th century. The well-known makes were Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Fujichrome and Agfachrome, along with several others and these were also mounted in a range of different mounts, some card, some plastic. Some slides were then glass mounted.

Many of these films were produced throughout the 20th century so may now be decades old, some will be extremely brittle, some will be faded, some may even have broken glass in the mount. We do take great care of every slide during the process, but we cannot be held liable for any damage during the time they are with us. We handle every slide with cotton gloves and gently brush each one with a non-static soft brush to remove any obvious dust. However, almost all slides will still exhibit dust and other marks and these can only realistically be removed by editing the image. As stated above, this is not done routinely; the copying process is there to convert the image to digital format in an efficient manner, preserving all the detail possible.


Slides should be packaged carefully and sent to us (we’re based in Evesham, Worcestershire) either by courier or by Royal Mail Special Delivery, which is a tracked, insured and signed-for service. We will return the slides to you after digitising them using the same service and this will be charged at cost.

Delivery of the digital files

We can provide the digital files  in a variety of ways: on a USB stick (charged at cost), on a DVD (no charge) or via a server upload such as WeTransfer or Hightail (no charge). Just tell us how you’d like them delivered.

Further questions?

Drop us an email or fill out the Contact form on the web site and we’ll get back to you to chat it through.

Testimonials from two clients:

‘I asked Simon to digitise several dozen 35 mm slides of clinical conditions, some dating back to the 1960s and ‘70s. The results were excellent and he took care to mitigate some inevitable colour fading in some of them. Highly recommended.’
Dr S.H. Dental surgeon (London)

‘Simon Brown digitised some very precious photos belonging to my parents which existed only in slide format. Our slides were in various states of preservation and on a number of different types of slide holder. Simon managed to produce excellent results which delighted my parents …. His work is meticulous and highly recommended.’
Mr S.W. (Evesham)