Our Terms and Conditions can be summarised very simply as follows:

  • You instruct us about a case and give us the details about the client and his/her injuries and their contact details. We give you an exact quote for the work and you give us the go-ahead if you are happy with the cost.
  • We make contact with your client (or parent/guardian or Litigation Friend, as appropriate) and set up the appointment. You will be told when the appointment will take place.
  • The completed photographs are sent to you within five working days of the appointment, or a completed video within fifteen working days, and the invoice for the work will accompany the photographs.
  • You pay us within 30 days of the invoice date. Interest and charges will be levied on invoices which are unpaid at that time.

The complete version of our Terms and Conditions may be downloaded here. Instructing us for a case constitutes acceptance of these T&Cs, so please do download them and have a read – it’s not a hugely long or complicated document. Last updated July 2019.