There is a standard fee of £190 for the photography of a personal injury client by Simon Brown. If an associate is used the fee may be slightly higher but this will be confirmed before any work is undertaken. This fee normally covers as many photographs as are necessary to document the case. The pictures are laid out on A4 sheets – generally one or two images to a page – and these are verified by the photographer as a true record. The only exception to this charge is where a significant number of images are foreseen or required (20 views or more), in which case an individual costing will be quoted and agreed before proceeding.

If the client does not travel to a photographic studio but the photographer goes to the client’s home, office or other location, travel costs are charged in addition, currently at 45p per mile. When instructions are first received, or an enquiry is made, an accurate costing for each client will be produced and can be approved by the solicitor, fee handler or partner before the final instruction is given.

Costings for video will be made on an individual basis as the costs vary enormously according to the complexity of the case and the location. Again, a definitive costing will be given for approval before the instruction is confirmed.

Fees for training will depend on the location of the training and the number attending. I always aim to give a very cost-effective per capita cost so please do get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

VAT is currently not charged on these fees.