My paper on a colour-managed workflow for clinical photography, presented at the IMI Conference in Nottingham, October 2017.

I have had feedback from a couple of photographers who do a lot of dental work and shoot using mirrors. They need to use Photoshop’s ‘Flip Canvas Horizontal‘ or Flip Canvas Vertical‘ quite frequently to re-orientate the image to be anatomically correct. This is something that cannot be done in Camera Raw at the moment (you have to open the image in Photoshop to do that) so I have filed a Feature Request with Adobe to introduce such a facility in ACR. Feature Requests can take a while to filter through the system  but I hope that this not something that will cost a great deal of resource in the Camera Raw team and we may see ‘Flip Image Horizontal/Vertical’ in the near future.
Update, February 2018: This has now been introduced. See my post New ‘Flip’ option for mirror images in dental photography