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Medical Photography

Medical photography in the 1980s

Medical Photography Professional Cover 1987

With 2018 heralding IMI’s 50th year, it was an interesting coincidence that I was clearing some old material and came across a copy of Kodak’s ‘Professional’ magazine dated ‘Winter 1987’ with an article about Medical Photography in the 1980s. This issue – Volume 1, No. 3 – concentrated on medical work and the article headed…

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Colour-managed Clinical Photography work flow (updated)

Colour managed workflow title page

Since publishing my paper last year on a colour-managed clinical photography work flow, some readers have asked for information on how to use this process in Adobe’s Lightroom and in Capture One Pro (C1 Pro). This is therefore an update which covers the use of DNG camera profiles and the Export Options in Lightroom and…

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New ‘Flip’ option for mirror images in dental photography

dental photography - upper arch, corrected view

My recent post on colour management in clinical photography mentioned that Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) could not flip images vertically or horizontally, which is needed for mirror images in Dental photography. This has been possible in Photoshop but the feature has now been introduced with a new version of ACR, in February 2018. 

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A Colour-Managed Clinical Photography Workflow

Colour managed workflow title page

My paper on a colour-managed workflow for clinical photography, presented at the IMI Conference in Nottingham, October 2017. Click on the cover icon below to download the PDF. Feedback very welcome. Comments section is below. I have had feedback from a couple of photographers who do a lot of dental work and shoot using mirrors. They need…

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Norman K. Harrison

Norman Kingsley Harrison (photo undated)

Norman K. Harrison Continuing the theme of notable names in the profession of medical photography, this piece is about Norman Kingsley Harrison and I am indebted once again to Ray Lunnon for his assistance. Originally, Norman Harrison was a Press Photographer in London. The photograph (above) was probably taken during his time in this role…

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Anthony (Tony) Oxley – Personal Memories

Image of Tony Oxley

The second person in our profession I wanted to write about is Tony Oxley, who died in September 2013. I first met Tony when I started out in medical photography in the late 1970’s when he worked for Kodak Limited and, along with his wife Thelma, he became a good friend. When he died in 2013,…

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Peter Hansell – A Personal Memory

Peter Hansell portrait

I’d like to write about two individuals who have been friends, professional colleagues or more. Sadly both have died, one over a decade ago, the other just a year ago, but I would like to add my own tribute to their lives and give a few anecdotes about them. The first is Dr Peter Hansell.…

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The ‘Sharpen Your Image’ Network

Sharpen Your Image Logo

Simon Brown started using the ‘Sharpen Your Image’ heading in the 1990s for his Presentation Skills training. Later, he kept the same phrase in use as it sums up the whole of his photography and presentation: clean, clear and clinical. Now that he is providing photography of personal injury, medical negligence and accident claims cases,…

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