Video recordings are highly effective in demonstrating functional disabilities that result from an injury or accident. These may involve difficulties in the victim moving around their home, climbing stairs or walking; there may be speech defects, difficulty in lifting or moving objects or an inability to carry out their routine work or employment. We are experienced in all aspects of medical and medico-legal work and can offer the highest-quality recording to support clinical and legal documentation.

This is another aspect of our work where the use of qualified, professional medical photographers is paramount. Victims in cases such as these need to treated in an empathetic manner, with dignity and consideration. Many cases are very sensitive and the production of video recordings requires the subject to expose their full vulnerability and disabilities and can often be quite upsetting for them. We ensure that we work with the subject, discussing fully and carefully exactly what is needed so that they feel supported in what is being documented and recorded and their situation can be demonstrated as clearly and objectively as possible.

All video is shot in high definition, edited down to an appropriate length and supplied in industry-standard (MP4) format which can be played back on any computer with a standard media player installed. We also provide a CPR-compliant statement from Sharpen Your Image confirming the accuracy and objectivity of the subject matter.