Objective medical photography is vitally important for medico-legal, medical negligence, personal injury and accident claims cases.  It plays a critical role in the documentation of clinical conditions and the progress of treatment. Accurate and clear photographs of scars, lesions, environments and other relevant information can clarify the details of a case or claim, saving time and reducing costs.

Each case is different and we supply as many photographs as are necessary to document the case completely. The fee that we charge covers all these photographs. Pictures are taken to show the location and extent of injuries (such as scars, burns or residual damage) and how these appear at a normal ‘conversation’ distance from the subject. Individual scars or lesions are then photographed at a closer distance – a higher magnification – so that the detail can be seen clearly and these are shown with accurate scales in place so that exact sizes and measurements can be taken. Where appropriate, these will also be shown from different angles.

Every image is taken in raw digital format wherever possible and all the post-processing is done in a strictly-controlled colour-managed workflow. No enhancements are made to the photographs and the finished composite sheets are verified as a true record by the photographers and signed as such in a CPR-compliant statement. We know that the photographs we send out are accurate, objective and of the highest quality.